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How To Always Sign The Perfect Midfielder!

Welcome back to ‘The Statistics Series’ where I will explain the ‘Key Stat Pairs‘ I use for each position! We all want to know how to sign the next Kevin De Bruyne right? Last time I explained how to sign the best winger for your club using my KSpP method, this time we’re focusing on […]

Great Bulls Are Not Born, They Are Forged

Last time we reviewed the first half of our debut season, this time we will dive into the business end of the season and put an end to this season’s will they won’t they narrative. If I could sum up this season briefly it would be that the media ate their words with a side […]

Spirit Of The Bulls

As we saw in pre-season the media were not taking to the Red Bull Revolution, after claims that we are trying to buy the title and that we can’t win anything with kids, it is fair to say that we as a club felt attacked, we had our backs up against the wall and everything […]

Young Bulls Still Have Horns

Much has been made of the youthful approach that we are taking at RB Paris, with many questioning “Can you win anything with kids?” We can and we will! Those questioning need to remember that young bulls still have horns! And we are going to show everyone just how horny we can be! THE Philosophy […]


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